As a reformed, covenantal Presbyterian church, we are led by a plurality of Elders who are men, delegated by Jesus’ authority to preach the gospel  and rule His church, so that Christ’s bride may become “an offering acceptable to God, sanctified by the Holy Spirit” (Romans 15:16).

Although they are elected by the members of the church, by which their inner call is confirmed, they derive their authority from Jesus, not from the congregation.  They rule in His name and are responsible only to Him.

The pastor is one of the Elders.  He is called a Teaching Elder and is the Moderator of the Session. The pastor has no greater governing authority than any other of the Ruling and Teaching Elders.  The local church has a local Session Court of Elders; regionally the governing assembly is the Presbytery, drawing Elders from all the local Sessions.  The ultimate governing assembly is the General Assembly, drawing Elders from all the regional Presbyteries to represent all the local churches, to make binding decisions on issues of doctrine and practice.

These are the Elders called to serve the congregation at City Presby:

 John Stambolie (pastor, teaching elder)

John Stambolie is an ordained teaching elder of the Presbytery of Bulawayo placed at City Presbyterian Church serving as the pastor with five other elders in the local church. John is currently enrolled as an MDiv. student with the Africa Reformation Theological Seminary in Kampala, Uganda studying modules by block release. John’s wife, Helene says he heard a call to ‘Feed My Sheep’, so John studied animal nutrition at the University of Zimbabwe.

As the call became clearer, he served as an administrator at the Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ) and as a volunteer with the Accrediting Council for Theological Education in Africa (ACTEA). Eight years ago John was called to serve in a full-time capacity in his local church and to begin theological studies. In addition to his pastoral duties, John is heavily involved with serves with the Church Based Discipleship work at the local church.

Lennon Mazonde (associate pastor, teaching elder)

Lennon is an ordained teaching elder of the Presbytery of Bulawayo, in (you guessed it!) Bulawayo, the second largest city located in the southern region of Zimbabwe. 11 years ago, he embarked on a journey which God had been preparing him for a life time, leaving a  pursuit of studies in civil and water engineering to follow the well-beaten path of theological training, graduating from the Theological College of Zimbabwe in 2011. After 3 years of lectures, exams, and reflection over many a table tennis match, he was called and received first as an assistant pastor, then as an elder, by the congregation at City Presbyterian Church. He was ordained in 2018 and now serves as the associate pastor.

Lennon also has the privilege of fulfilling his calling in both pastoral ministry and in business as a technology-focused entrepreneur. He serves the broader presbytery as its secretary and the chairman of the Business as Mission committee. He loves cycling, Utimate Frisbee, hitting the gym and the good-natured banter that arises from watching football (real football – not “hand-egg”) with close friends.

Craig Jones (teaching elder)

Craig currently serves as the Rector at Petra College, a Christian co-ed school , of which City Presby is a founding member. Prior to that, he was a lecturer at the Theological College of Zimbabwe and head of their Biblical Studies department, having graduated from Gordon Cornwell.

He is married to Mellanie, who is also on the Deacon’s Board at City and an active servant in the orphan ministry in Bulawayo. Together they have two boys, Brett and Dean, and three dogs, Coco, Mo and Chewy.



Victor Nakah (ex officio, teaching elder)

Victor met his wife Nosizo in college and are products of the Christian student ministry movement. They were richly impacted by the ministries of Scripture Union in high school and International Fellowship of Evangelical Students in college. Victor later served with both organizations for several years and was instrumental in establishing Christian student groups in universities in southern Zimbabwe.

Victor is an ordained Presbyterian minister, and has served in various capacities in the church and related organizations. He currently serves as the International Director for Africa with Mission to the World. Previously, he has worked with CURE international (senior vice president, spiritual ministry), Overseas Council International (Africa regional director) and for 10 years, he was also the seminary president of the Theological College of Zimbabwe. During this time, he earned a master’s degree in systematic theology from the University of South Africa and a Ph.D. in systematic theology from Stellenbosch University.

In addition to his primary ministry as MTW international director for Sub-Saharan Africa, Victor supervises master’s and Ph.D. students attending South Africa Theological Seminary, teaches at the Africa Reformation Theological Seminary (Uganda), and is Extraordinary Researcher for North-West University. He and his wife have two daughters, Nothabo and Rumbi.

Enoch Zitha (ruling elder)

Enoch is the longest serving Elder at City Presby, having been called to serve in the Session in 1993. Prior to that, he served as an evangelist (1981-1988), lay preacher and Elder (1982- 1991) in the Free Presbyterian Church. In addition to his service in the church, he has worked as both a practitioner and lecturer of carpentry in the private, public and government sectors.

Together with his recently deceased wife, Gladys, Enoch has 4 children and several grandchildren, whom he dotes over as a proud, loving grandfather.





Jorum Mugari (teaching elder)