What We Believe

Presbyterian, Reformed and Covenantal

We are a Presbyterian, reformed and covenantal church which holds to the gospel as explained in the Westminster Confession of Faith and the accompanying Larger and Shorter Catechisms.

The Bible

is completely trustworthy, inspired by God and without any error. It is the only place where God has given special revelation to his people


is three persons in One – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit – holy, just, full of mercy and love. For all His greatness, He has made us, sinners, he has graciously revealed Himself to us and entered into a personal relationship with Him


God is the creator of all that is and he sustains all of His creation all the time, in accordance with his eternal will. He is sovereignly in control of all things and we are fully responsible for our response to Him


We are sinners, who inherited the sin of Adam by which we all died, and are deserving of God’s wrath. Jesus is the only way by which we can find life and be saved.


is both fully God and fully man. He lived an earthly life free of sin and in an amazing act of grace, died on the cross as punishment for our sins, thus washing them away and removing the anger of God which we justly deserved. He rose from the dead and sits at the right hand side of God in heaven, from which he rules all things. We wait for his return, when he shall judge the living and the dead, and raise those who died in Him to eternal life, and condemn those who rejected him to everlasting punishment and separation from God.

The Gospel

is the means by which God calls all men to him and effectually saves those whom He chose to salvation and believe in Jesus through the work of the Holy Spirit. Having been declared righteous in Christ, we are continually being made holy through the Spirit living in us, and as we are transformed, we bear increasing and increasingly good fruit for God’s kingdom.


has been poured lavishly on us –  we are unable to do anything good and pleasing to Him apart from Him producing in us a desire to follow his will as revealed in the Bible. As believers, we gather every Sunday to hear the Gospel preached, to receive the Lord’s Supper and Baptism, and to be discipled and disciplined under the elders called to shepherd God’s flock. Together we sing, pray, and learn more of God as we listen, study and experience accountable living together.